About me


i create music and visuals

Started out with piano and a commodore 64 in the 80’s

in the roaring 90’s i did a lot of livesets with the Amiga1200 and hardware

Attended art academy for 5 years , audio visual media

But music was my main love so left academy and followed my underground dreams

So i kept on making music but i could not make an income and started VJ-ing and loving the artistic freedom i had

Where the techno scene started to be a place of linearity around 2000 , the VJ-scene was more progresiv as ever

Did some collabs and did a lot of VJ gigs trough Netherlands / Germany with as

highlight the Robodock festival 2008

I started a company making a living but after some years i was feeling it paid too little for all the work wich ws involved.

The last years i have been full time working on my art , making music , doing 3d animation ; day and night.

While i have been doing this slowly my vision of an audiovisual work came to mind , a monument for all my work and the place where it all gets together

A place where audio is synced to animation , animation is projectmapped on objects i have designed

My plans are to do a crowdfunding for the equipment needed and the 3d printed objects

more to come soon !


Music /Ambient/Funk/experimental/90’s/acid

Video 3d experimental

Art prints / collage 3d / aquarel / photo’s

Soon coming T-shirt art prints